Hold tight, wear cowboy hat and Visit Austin

The capital city of Texas, Contains both hills and plains, mountains and lakes. Austin take the next right

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Place to have fun, the hot city and Miami

Palm trees in sunshine state, Latin hub, where you wish you were, delicious food and night life. Caution to Miami Sandstorm!

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Smoky Mountains, Country music and Knoxville

Home of beautiful views of the smokies, friendly folks, sundown in the city, great bars and local bands.

Quick trip to fall in Knoxville!

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Sea, fineness and Corpus Cristi

A pearl in blue waters, lying in the gulf of mexico, the romantic side of texas. Now discover the Corpus Cristi!

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5K Video Sample

Video Specifications;

RAW video, 5.1K resolution (5120*2700), D-log, H.265 codec, 50 FPS

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